Gaza gets ready to greet Eid with hunger, bombs and bullets

Nidal Adaileh

It is probably fair to say that most of the world’s population stands in solidarity with the bombed and besieged Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. As Eid al-Fitr approaches to signal the end of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, people are wondering how to celebrate the festival. Many believe that it is inappropriate to celebrate in the customary joyous fashion given that the people in Gaza are still suffering under Israel’s genocidal offensive, with many of them on the brink of starvation as famine grips the territory.

It is heart-breaking to witness what is happening in the Gaza Strip. The Zionists sow grief and pain with their demonic behaviour and abhorrent occupation.

It is traditional to greet Eid in the Islamic world with joy, new clothes, nice food and sweets; Muslims gather with relatives and friends to thank the Almighty for allowing them to pass the fasting month again; and gifts may be exchanged, especially for the children. On Eid al-Fitr 2024, though, Gaza no longer knows the meaning of happiness; joy has been bombed out of them by the Israeli genocide. The collective wish will be to survive and return to their homes — or at least where their homes once stood before Israel destroyed them — and try to rebuild their lives in the absence of the tens of thousands of children, women and men killed by the Zionist onslaught.

The genocide has passed the six-month mark, and everything worthy of visiting on Eid has been destroyed or desecrated: mosque, parks, historic buildings and sites, and even the beaches. In a clear sign of genocidal intent, the occupation state has destroyed more than 200 archaeological sites in the Palestinian territory.

Nevertheless, the spirit of the Palestinians will see them through, God Willing.

The Zionist forces of evil can kill and destroy at will, but they can never destroy the Palestinian desire for justice and freedom from occupation, both of which are supposedly guaranteed by international law.

The lives lost will not be in vain; the martyrs have won already, even as the struggle for freedom goes on. History will not forget the Israeli violations of international laws and conventions; the massacres and the war crimes; and the crimes against humanity. The Palestinians won’t let the world forget; their continued presence in their own land will be a constant reminder. Their supporters around the world let not let the Israelis and their complicit allies forget either. The blood of the martyrs will light the torches of freedom on the path of liberation from Israel’s brutal military occupation.

So, as Gaza gets ready to greet Eid with hunger, bombs and bullets, I have no doubt that there will still be Eid prayers in the enclave. Anything less will signal a victory for the Zionist forces of evil. The Palestinians are stronger than that; their faith is indomitable, and so are they.

(Source: Middle East Monitor)