World Central Kitchen says another aid worker gravely injured in separate Israeli strike in Gaza

World Central Kitchen (WCK) announced Wednesday that another of its workers was gravely injured in a separate Israeli airstrike in Gaza on April 1.

“Just 15 minutes before our convoy was repeatedly hit, one of our brave Palestinian staff members was gravely injured in a reportedly deadly airstrike at al-Bashir Mosque in Deir al-Balah,” the food charity said in a statement.

The statement said the worker, whose name is Amro, sustained severe head and hand injuries while he was off duty at a residence near the mosque in the vicinity of the organization’s warehouse and recently established kitchen in Deir al-Balah.

“When he was removed from beneath the rubble, Amro was brought to the same hospital that also received WCK’s fallen heroes.

“After spending some time in a coma, Amro was airlifted to another hospital where he is recovering, receiving treatment, and getting stronger every day,” the statement said.

Despite being given rare opportunities to leave Gaza, Amro, who joined the WCK team shortly after the beginning of the year, refused to do so, it added.

The Israeli attack killed seven aid workers — three British nationals, an Australian, a Polish national, a US-Canadian dual citizen and a Palestinian — on April 1.

It has triggered strong condemnation around the globe and calls for accountability, with many, including WCK founder Jose Andres, disputing Israel’s claim that the attack was a “mistake” and a case of “misidentification.”

(Source: AA)