Israel has arrested more than 5,000 Palestinians in Gaza since October

The Israeli army has arrested more than 5,000 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip since last October, the government media office in the enclave said on Wednesday. This brings close to 10,000 the number of Palestinian prisoners held by the occupation state.

In a statement released on Palestinian Prisoner’s Day, the media office pointed out that the Israelis torture the prisoners, and called on the world to assume its moral and legal responsibilities towards their humanitarian situation. They suffer from “inhumane detention conditions” imposed by the occupation authorities.

It added that while Israel continues its genocidal war against civilians, children and women in the Gaza Strip for the seventh month in a row, Palestinian prisoners are still subjected to the most horrific types of retaliatory measures aimed at depriving them of their most basic rights.

At least 34,000 Palestinians have been killed by Israel in Gaza since October, most of them children and women. A further 75,000 have been wounded.

(Source: MEMO)