Barbados officially announces recognition of Palestine as a state

Barbados has announced its decision to officially recognise Palestine as a state, becoming the 11th Caribbean Community (CARICOM) member to do so.

“How can we say we want a two-state solution if we do not recognise Palestine as a State,” Foreign Minister Kerrie Symmonds said in a statement Friday.

Symmonds said the decision does not affect Barbados’ relationship with Israel.

He stressed that the island nation has always maintained at the UN that there should be a two-state solution.

He criticised, however, the fact that Barbados has never recognised Palestine until now.

“I think, an error that we have made through the years and to correct that,” he said. “And now, we have formally reached out to the State of Palestine to signal our intention to formally recognise them as a State,” he added.

(Source: AA)