UN Special Rapporteur accuses Israel of lying about ‘all aspects of Gaza’

UN Special Rapporteur Francesca Albanese has leveled serious accusations against Israel, alleging that the country has been deceptive about its actions in Gaza.

Speaking at a public hearing at the European Parliament, Albanese asserted that Israel’s conduct in Gaza amounts to genocide, a claim she described as “highly visible and ostentatious.”

Albanese pointed to what she deemed as Israel’s deliberate destruction of Gaza, which she argued was tantamount to an assault on the Palestinian way of life. She further accused Israeli leaders, both political and military, as well as ordinary soldiers, of manipulating international law to justify their actions.

Specifically, Albanese highlighted Israel’s purported efforts to blur the distinction between soldiers and civilians as a means to legitimize what she characterized as genocide.

Moreover, Albanese dismissed Israeli claims that terrorist groups have used hospitals as bases for attacks, asserting that such assertions are part of a broader pattern of deception aimed at evading accountability.

She criticized Israel for what she described as a strategy of perpetuating lies in order to sway public opinion.

(Source: i24NEWS)