In pictures: Pro-Palestine rallies make waves across US universities

Thousands of pro-Palestine protesters have been demonstrated across dozens of campuses in the US in solidarity with Palestine and against Israel’s carnage in besieged Gaza.

Despite threat of arrests, the students have proceeded to set encampments at many campuses to demand an end to Israeli war crimes in besieged Gaza and press their respective universities to snap ties with defence companies and academic institutions that support Israel.

The protests started last week and only grew bigger, spreading across many universities despite the arrests made at Columbia, Yale, New York University and elsewhere.

Here are some powerful images capturing the protest scenes:

AFPProtesters gather at Columbia University in New York to demand an end to Israel’s war on besieged Gaza.
REUTERSPeople demonstrate outside Columbia University.
REUTERSA sign is posted on the lawn of the protest encampment at Columbia University, where students continue to protest in support of Palestinians.
REUTERSPeople protest outside The New School Center in New York in solidarity with Palestine.
REUTERSA sign that read “Palestine is everywhere” is seen at the protest site at The New School Center.
APPro-Palestinian protesters gather in front of Sproul Hall on the campus of the University of California.
APStudents protest at an encampment on the campus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
APA sign that reads “Stop funding genocide” is seen at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.