‘No peace on stolen lands’: Pro-Palestinian students start encampment at George Washington University

Pro-Palestinian students and protestors at The George Washington University in D.C.’s Foggy Bottom created an encampment Thursday morning in support for Gaza, News4 video shows.

More than 30 students sent up tents in University Yard to call on the university to divest financial ties with Israel, according to student newspaper The GW Hatchet .The protest is happening just two days after students at American University held a walkout, protesting against the war in Gaza, and University of Maryland students staged a sit-in on the College Park campus.

Across the country, pro-Palestinian students are protesting over Israel’s war with Hamas as tensions increase with university officials. At Columbia University, students also encamped, while students at California State Polytechnic University barricaded inside two buildings.

At GW, video showed the words “Liberation Camp” written in chalk on the quad’s brick sidewalk. Behind the encampment entrance, a sign on a tent reads, “No justice, no peace!”

The protestors were wearing keffiyehs, banging on a drum and chanting, “Israel is a racist state” and “GW, you will see; Palestine will be free.” Some students sat between green and gray tents. Others stood along the sidewalk, chanting and holding signs.

A social media post showed what appeared to be a George Washington statue blindfolded and holding a Palestine flag.

The university sent an advisory to students about the First Amendment activity on the campus.

“The GW demonstration remains peaceful; however, there also are non-GW individuals on public property and the university is coordinating with the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department,” the advisory reads in part.

The advisory went on to say protestors may demonstrate until 7 p.m. They are asking them to move their tents to Anniversary Park due to another reservation in University Yard and final exams at the adjacent GW law school.

(Source: NBC Washington)