Nearly 2,500 people arrested at pro-Palestinian rallies at colleges and universities across US

Nearly 2,500 people have been arrested at pro-Palestinian rallies at college and university campuses across the US, according to media outlets, Anadolu news agency reported.

In a report released Sunday by CNN, the number of arrests made since 18 April has surpassed 2,200, while the numbers released in a similar report by Fox News show the total of arrests to be more than 2,400.

Demonstrations are expected to continue over the coming weeks as graduation ceremonies take place, and campus officials are adding extra police security, or in some cases, cancelling commencement ceremonies altogether.

In the state of California, police in Los Angeles cleared out a protest encampment at the University of Southern California (USC) on Sunday, but no arrests were made. In addition, USC has called off its main graduation ceremony due to security concerns.

Pro-Palestinian supporters clashed with counter-protesters on Sunday at Chicago’s DePaul University in the state of Illinois. Police did not make any arrests, but there were reports of several people getting injured as the situation transpired.

In the state of Virginia, 25 protesters were arrested at a pro-Palestinian rally at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville on Saturday. Police cleared out a tent encampment set up by students after declaring an unlawful assembly near the centre of campus.

Also on Saturday, in the state of Michigan, police removed a group of pro-Palestinian protesters at the University of Michigan’s main commencement in Ann Arbor which briefly interrupted the ceremony, but no arrests were made.

30 April saw the largest number of arrests in a single day, with more than 400 made at college campuses. The majority of those arrests (282) happened at Columbia University in the state of New York, which is considered to be the highest-profile university which started the pro-Palestinian rallies on campus.

The second biggest arrest total happened on 2 May, with more than 250 protesters getting arrested nationwide. Most of those arrests (210) were made at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where protests turned violent and multiple people were injured, forcing the university to cancel classes for the week. UCLA said it will resume classes on Monday and has created a new office for campus safety to prevent future violent situations from happening.

(Source: MEMO)