Israel’s war on Gaza live: 40 killed in multiple Israeli attacks

  • Israeli attacks in the past few hours have killed at least 40 Palestinians across the Gaza Strip.
  • Hamas says Palestinians will continue to confront the ground invasion of Rafah and other places in Gaza “no matter how long the aggression lasts and regardless of its form”.
  • More than 630,000 people have now fled Israel’s advance on southern Rafah with another 100,000 escaping from the ground assault on the north.
  • Jenin Brigades commander Islam Khamayseh killed and eight others wounded in an Israeli missile attack in the occupied West Bank’s Jenin refugee camp.
  • At least 35,386 people have been killed and 79,366 wounded in Israeli attacks on Gaza since October 7. The revised death toll in Israel from Hamas’s attack is 1,139 with dozens still held captive.