Is the rise of China in interest of Arabs?

It is too early to say that China will remove Western European-American influence from the Arab countries in their place any time soon.

Despite China’s soft power, its influence becomes very limited for reasons, the most important of which is the Arabs’ dissatisfaction with dealing with China as much as they are satisfied with dealing with the West.

Chinese loans are repaid over several years, while Western and US aid has reached several billions annually to a number of Arab countries.

Moreover, the Arabs are waiting for the results of Beijing and Washington’s competition, and have accepted the role of the actors in it again, without planning or preparation, let alone participating in shaping what is to come.

It is worth noting that China does not provide Arab countries with unrefundable aid. The Chinese model provides investment loans for the implementation of huge infrastructure projects in several Arab countries with medium interest. And that the Arabs chose to get closer to the West and its economic and cultural model, but it is a reality that may not withstand the rapid developments that China is witnessing, the consequences of which will reach the Arab countries.