Palestinians and Israelis in a Race to China

One of the secrets revealed by the occupation is the increasing movement towards rapprochement with China, as an escalating superpower in all political, economic and technological sectors, which prompted most Israeli official institutions to conclude more agreements and deals with its Chinese counterpart, to the extent that disturbed the United States, the official sponsor And the president of the occupation, fearing that this rapprochement between (Tel Aviv) and Beijing would harm Washington’s interests in the region.

At the same time, the official Palestinian interest in the rising Chinese power declined, after the official Palestinian leadership placed all its options and alternatives in Washington, and thus lost a historical ally for the Palestinian cause, until the situation reached the point that China in the late sixties and early seventies was more “Palestinian” than the Palestinians themselves. According to some historical readings that monitored the amount of support and backing provided by Beijing to the Palestinian resistance at the beginning of its rise during that stage.

In light of this Palestinian absence, with its various institutions and activities, from the Chinese atmosphere, Istanbul witnessed the first international conference a few days ago to discuss the future of Chinese-Palestinian relations, organized by the Asia and the Middle East Forum, and an elite Palestinian and Chinese center attended, which included the presentation of working papers and scientific research that present forward-looking visions for the future. Relationships of the two sides, and recommendations to their decision-makers.

This conference constitutes a qualitative addition to the work towards restoring Chinese-Palestinian relations after this long interruption, especially as the occupation is racing against time to develop its relations with Beijing, despite the American anger about that, and the influx of envoys from Washington to (Tel Aviv) to curb the Israeli acceleration towards China, with The first in this political and diplomatic effort is us, the Palestinians, not the occupation.

The Palestinians do not have the luxury of foreign and international relations to turn their backs on China, or at least do not give establishing relations with it the attention it deserves. It is true that it has its political, economic and strategic calculations, and at some point it may see that its relations with the occupation meet those interests for it; This requires the Palestinians to market their cause to it, and to show that they are more important to its interests in the region than the occupation.

The Istanbul conference referred to above, which was held by the Asia Middle East Forum (AMEF), may be an additional building block in this long journey, but the matter will not stop there, because Palestinian decision-makers, at all levels, are required to take into account the recommendations issued by it, and the observations made by researchers, Reaching a straight relationship with China that basically serves our just cause, mobilizes energies for it, mobilizes its capabilities, and brings to its side the major countries in the world, especially since the occupation does not leave any stray or incoming without taking it into account, in order to remain in a state of international embrace and international sponsorship. for his colonial settlement project.