Explicit threat from China to America: We will attack your forces in this case

The Chinese newspaper, “Global Times”, the mouthpiece of the ruling Communist Party, published a report in which it said that Beijing is ready to launch an attack on any US forces in the event of a military conflict in the region.

The Chinese threat followed a pledge by US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan that Washington would “never allow” a Chinese invasion of Taiwan.

“Such threats are not credible, because the United States cannot afford to defend Taiwan,” the Chinese newspaper said.

The Global Times urged Sullivan to “keep his big mouth shut, and avoid causing further embarrassment to his country.”

To emphasize the seriousness of the threat, China sent, on Friday, 13 warplanes into Taiwan’s airspace, including eight fighters, two nuclear bombers, two spy planes and an anti-submarine one.

Taipei said Chinese planes made a short incursion into Taiwan’s air defense zone.

“No one believes that the United States has the real will to defend Taiwan at any cost,” the Global Times wrote, adding that it was “far from defending Taiwan at the cost of a deadly war.”

She added in her editorial that “Washington may think that sending American forces to the island is a deterrent, but in reality they will simply find themselves under attack.”

Beijing considers Taiwan part of its territory, while the United States sees Taipei as an important area of ​​influence.

China has intensified its military and political pressure on Taiwan to accept its sovereignty, angering the island, which has repeatedly said it will not succumb to intimidation and has the right to participate in the international arena as an independent country.

Recently, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that Taiwan’s allies, now numbering only 14 countries, have stayed by its side due to US pressure and “dollar diplomacy,” as he put it, which Taiwan denies.