China – USA – Russia: Who needs a truce?

Under the headline above, Expert Row Editor-in-Chief Tatiana Gorova and Associate Political Affairs Editor, Peter Skorobogati, write about an American idea of ​​sharing the world with Russia and China.

Based on an anonymous survey of active American soldiers, they expect the United States to engage in large-scale warfare in the near future. Opinions were divided. Half of those who responded expect a military conflict within a year, and the rest rule out one. Interestingly, only five percent of American soldiers a year ago believed that they would take part in hostilities.

The issue of war is now urgent. It is like a glowing ember, it is enough to throw dry tree branches over it to erupt the flame. Who is ready to fight? The main “combatants” are the United States, Russia and China. Accordingly, the three powers that take the lead in armaments and technologies are ready to dictate their terms to the world order. Its interests intersect at the “intersection” of global geopolitics.

What could the United States theoretically pit him against Russia? Any ground military operation is just nonsense and a myth. Only the “nuclear wand” remains.

As military expert Vladislav Shurigin says, US nuclear weapons are now deployed in four European countries: Germany, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Turkey. This is a big headache for the governments of these countries, because they know very clearly that these targets are marked with a dark red cross on the maps of the Russian General Staff, and they will be hit first in the event of a nuclear conflict.

The greatest danger to Europe does not come from Russia, but rather from the United States, which is ready to provoke a nuclear war far from its shores, and after that, by remaining above the conflict, it comes again with a peacekeeping mission to inspect the smoky ruins. This possibility is problematic, as if the United States tried to use it, it would not be able to avoid responding. For the first time in two hundred years, a war ax will fall on their lands.