‘Israel’ executed 223 Palestinians since early 2022: Arab League

The Arab League denounced the Israeli occupation forces’ aggression against Palestinians, not to mention storming their homes and their holy sites.

The League has also stressed that 223 Palestinians had been murdered as a result of summary executions and intentional killings since the year 2022 had begun.

Assistant Secretary-General and Head of the Palestinian and other Arab Occupied Territories Sector at the League of Arab States Said Abu Ali spoke at the 109th Conference of Supervisors of Palestinian Affairs in the Host Arab Countries about the significant increase in the number of prisoners and Israeli occupation authorities’ practices against them, most notably using medical negligence as a killing tool.

This comes almost one week following the martyrdom of ailing Nasser Abu Hmeid, who suffered from cancer and the deliberate negligence of the Israeli prison service.

His martyrdom, according to the Palestinian Prisoners’ Club, brought the number of martyrs in the occupations’ prison to 232.

The martyrdom of Abu Hmeid is not surprising. The ailing detainee had suffered for a long time before his life was claimed by negligence. The Palestinian Prisoners’ Club revealed, hours before the announcement, that Abu Hmeid was taking his last breaths and that his martyrdom was imminent.

Abu Ali went on to say that the settler groups’ incursions continue into Al-Ibrahimi Mosque and the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque under the protection of the Israeli occupation forces, with “Israel” pursuing its policy of forced displacement of Palestinians.

It is worth noting that the Israeli occupation forces pursued a policy of demolishing homes, whether through their inhuman tactics or by forcing their owners to demolish them themselves, in an attempt to subjugate and pressure the Palestinians.

  • Source: Agencies
  • By Al Mayadeen English