The New Holocaust

Today, the Germans feel a complex of guilt towards the Jews because their fathers and grandfathers inflicted a terrible massacre on these people before and during World War II, in all of Europe, killing millions. Even the global conscience feels this guilt because it colluded, was silent, or did not sympathize with the Jews in their ordeal, and there are those who did not believe that, accusing the Jews of blowing numbers to reinforce this feeling.

This complex was copied by the Arab nationalists to the fullest extent, and they made the Arab peoples responsible for the loss of Palestine from the Gulf to the ocean, the holocaust of the Palestinian people, everyone who did not contribute to the liberation of Palestine or did not show support for the struggle of the Palestinians or showed signs of fatigue or abandonment is thrown with the lowest epithets and boycotted and considered an enemy of the cause. What is the fault of the Moroccans in the tragedy of the Palestinians?

The Palestinians are the ones who sold their property before the British Mandate, and they are the ones who fled from the Jews at intervals and sought refuge in the countries of the Levant, and they are the ones who drummed and honked for Gamal Abdel Nasser, who drugged the Arabs with the illusion of liberating Palestine and was defeated in a humiliating war with his Arab brothers in Jordan and Syria. All that happened was not caused by the Moroccans, whether from near or far.

In the summer of 1967, we, the boys of the Burj Omar neighborhood in the city of Meknes, were organizing gangs armed with sticks and slingshots and traveling six kilometers to attack the Jews in Al-Mallah (today’s Riyadh). Who was inciting us? Who was organizing us into gangs? Why weren’t the authorities getting in our way or punishing us? There is no doubt that the Arab defeat mixed with religious feeling, the only motive for our criminality. There was no national feeling or awareness of the reality of the conflict in the East. This aggressive religious feeling, which still lives in our depths since the invasions of Hunayn, Khaybar, Banu Qurayza and others.

The ideology of the Holocaust was entrenched and engraved in the minds of the extremist and moderate leftist movement in Morocco. The “Forward” movement was working to overthrow the monarchy and liberate the Sahrawi Republic, and Al-Sarfati was an adherent of this belief even though he was Jewish. Today, after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact, and the accession of the National Bloc to power starting in 1998, the sense of guilt towards Palestine has eased and Moroccans have shifted to the belief of prioritizing national issues over national issues. The political-religious current excluded itself from this rationality, which settled in the whims of citizens, and its “stars” continued to weaken our resolve in front of the enemies of Morocco, from the Algerians, the Iranians, the communists of Europe and Latin America, and others. As if they want to turn themselves into internal enemies.

There is a bad neighbor next to us, one of the ugliest creations of history, threatening our country in terms of its geography, history and heritage, and slandering us with lies and incitement every day and every hour. Is there an issue more dangerous than threatening our existence?

If the Palestinians are unable to help us in this ordeal of ours, let them be neutral and let the Moroccans defend themselves by all means, and not choose these means for us according to their taste, mood, and interests. The poet Tarfa bin Al-Abd said in the time of the mean:

If you cannot repay my wish, then let me hasten it with what I have in my hand