Gaza’s Holocaust

Zionism has long used the crime of the Holocaust to justify its crimes against the Palestinian people. What Gaza is witnessing today is a repetition of the massacres carried out by the Nazis before, and how the crimes do not match, and the Nazi mentality governs the behavior and even the permits of the Zionist government today, it is outdone by calling for the use of nuclear weapons.

The “Gaza’s Holocaust” campaign is being launched to expose Zionist crimes, trying to put the world before its responsibilities to stop the current Holocaust crime, and despite the cruelty of some scenes presented by the campaign, However, activists and media activists active in the campaign felt that the silence was much harsher, a partner in the killing, and the facts must be presented as they were. Therefore, the “Gaza’s Holocaust” campaign calls on all activists and media who feel moral responsibility and the need to work to stop the crimes, to engage in the campaign, according to self-capacity, also tweet on the label: