South Africa applauds ICJ ruling urging Israel to prevent genocide in Gaza

(Quds News Network) – South Africa has expressed its commendation for the recent ruling issued by the International Court of Justice (ICJ), which calls on the occupying state of Israel to take immediate measures to prevent any acts of genocide in Gaza.

The South African Ministry of Foreign Affairs hailed the ICJ decision as a “decisive victory for the rule of international law” and a “significant milestone in the quest for justice for the Palestinian people.”

The remarks came following the ICJ’s issuance of a preliminary decision in the lawsuit initiated by South Africa against Israel, accusing the state of committing the crime of genocide in the Gaza Strip.

The court mandated that Israel, as the occupying power, must implement all necessary measures to prevent actions prohibited by the Genocide Convention and ensure the prompt provision of essential humanitarian needs for Gaza.

Moreover, the ICJ ordered Israel to abstain from inciting genocide in Gaza and to penalize individuals involved in such actions. Israel received instructions to take steps preventing the destruction of evidence related to the alleged genocide. The International Court of Justice further demanded that Israel submit a report detailing these measures within one month of the decision.

A significant majority of the 17-judge panel favored urgent actions, aligning with most of South Africa’s requests, with the exception of issuing an order to halt the war on Gaza. Chief Justice Joan Donoghue underscored South Africa’s right to file the lawsuit, dismissing Israel’s request for dismissal.

“We have the authority to rule on emergency measures in the case of genocide against Israel,” Chief Justice Donoghue affirmed.