Spain: Palestinians live under hunger, bombs and genocide

Spanish Minister of Youth and Children, Sira Rego, said that “Palestinians are living under hunger, bombing and genocide” as a result of the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip that has been ongoing for more than four months.

Speaking at an UNRWA event in Spain, Rego, who is of Palestinian origin, stressed that “Israel does not recognise any rules, and is trying to create a systematic social tragedy not only in Gaza, but in all of Palestine.”

“But despite everything, the entire Palestinian people are determined to continue resistance,” she added.

The minister explained that the Palestinians are suffering from hunger, bombs and genocide, adding that the Palestine she knew in her childhood was completely different, “it was peaceful and happy, but Israel is committing genocide against the Palestinian people through occupation and systematic attacks.”

She added that her family lives in the cities of Ramallah and East Jerusalem, and that her father is a retired doctor. She mentioned that she has asked them to come to live in Spain, but they always refuse.

She revealed that her family wants to continue living in Palestine despite all the difficulties, adding that it is just one story from the millions of families in Palestine.

(Source: Middle East Monitor)