Global Day of Action: Worldwide demonstrations call for ceasefire in Gaza

(Quds News Network) – In a show of global solidarity, hundreds of thousands of people across major cities joined the Global Day of Action yesterday, demanding an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, with the death toll from the Israeli genocide campaign approaching 30,000.

London saw a massive gathering at Marble Arch, drawing participants from various advocacy groups and pro-Palestine organizations. The procession wound through central London, culminating at the Israeli Embassy in Kensington. This marked one of the largest pro-Palestinian demonstrations in the city since October 7, attracting a diverse crowd, including Jewish protesters.

Simultaneously, tens of thousands assembled in Dublin, Ireland, echoing the call for action on Gaza and an immediate ceasefire. In Madrid, thousands took to the streets, while in Munich, Germany, protesters near the Munich Security Conference venue demanded an end to the Gaza bloodshed.

Dam Square in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, hosted tens of thousands of protesters carrying banners reading “Ceasefire Now,” “Stop the Genocide,” and “Free Palestine.” Similar rallies occurred in various Italian cities, including Turin and Verona, where police reportedly cracked down on protesters.

Turkey featured prominently in the global rallies, with Istanbul hosting the largest protest organized by civil society and government organizations. In New York, students organized a large rally that spontaneously began in front of a public library and marched to the New York Times headquarters.

Sydney, Australia, joined the call for solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza, demanding swift delivery of humanitarian aid to the besieged population. Seoul, South Korea, witnessed a sizable crowd denouncing Israeli actions, with participants raising Palestinian flags and condemning Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a war criminal.

The Global Day of Action was orchestrated by the Palestine Coalition, consisting of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Palestinian Forum in Britain, Stop the War Coalition, Friends of Al-Aqsa, and the Muslim Association of Britain.

In a joint statement, the coalition highlighted alarming figures, including over 1.7 million Gazans forcibly displaced, with more than 28,000 Palestinians killed and 100,000 injured—an alarming situation deemed a plausible case of genocide by the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

Despite the ICJ’s call for Israel to halt genocidal acts, the Israeli Government has signaled its intent to proceed with a full-scale military assault on Rafah, as revealed in its plans to attack the region.