In pictures: Gaza’s reality mirrors dystopia as Israel tightens siege

All of Gaza’s 2.3 million people are facing crisis levels of hunger, with UN saying the risk of famine increasing every day and the proportion of the population facing acute food insecurity rising to the highest ever recorded globally.

The global body has warned of looming famine threatening virtually everyone in Gaza, while the World Food Programme this week described “unprecedented levels of desperation”.

Some Palestinians have had to resort to eating rotten corn and animal feed unfit for human consumption but even that is now running out.

The below images reveal the urgency of food aid in Gaza👇

AAPalestinian children are seen with empty containers as they wait in front of boilers to receive hot food.
OTHERSAn estimated 1.5 million Palestinians are crammed in tents and other makeshift shelters in the town of Rafah on the border with Egypt, most of them having fled their homes further north to escape Israel’s invasion.
AAPalestinians are unable to obtain basic food supplies due to the embargo Imposed by Israel.
AAPalestinian children wait in queue as they hope to receive some of the much-needed food.
OTHERSIsrael has killed at least 29,782 Palestinians, mostly children and women, and wounded 69,879 others.
AAHumanitarian aid entering Gaza dropped by half this month, the UN agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA) said.
AAThe flow of aid entering Gaza from Egypt has dwindled, and a collapse in security has made it increasingly difficult to distribute the food that does get through, according to UN data and officials.
AAIsrael has failed to comply with an order by the United Nations’ top court to provide urgently needed aid to desperate people in Gaza, Human Rights Watch said.