Israeli fire kills over 100 Palestinians waiting for aid: Gaza officials

Health authorities in Gaza said Israeli fire on people waiting for aid near Gaza had killed 104 Palestinians and wounded 280, with one hospital saying it had received 10 bodies and dozens of injured patients.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s office said on Thursday he “condemned the ugly massacre conducted by the Israeli occupation army this morning against the people who waited for the aid trucks at the Nabulsi roundabout”.

A spokesperson for Israel’s military said there was no knowledge of shelling at that location on Thursday. However, an Israeli source said troops opened fire at “several people” in the crowd who posed a threat to them.

May jeopardise truce talks

Gaza Health Ministry spokesperson Ashraf al Qidra said the incident took place at al Nabusi roundabout west of Gaza in the northern part of the enclave.

Medical teams were unable to cope with the volume and severity of injuries from dozens of wounded people who arrived at al Shifa Hospital, Qidra said.

The head of Kamal Adwan Hospital in Gaza City, Hussam Abu Safieyah, said it had received 10 dead bodies and dozens of wounded patients from the incident west of the city.

“We don’t know how many there are in other hospitals,” Safieyah told Reuters news agency by phone.

Hamas warned in a statement that the incident could lead to the failure of talks aimed at a deal on a truce and hostage release.

“The negotiations conducted by the movement’s leadership are not an open process at the expense of the blood of our people,” it said, referring to Thursday’s deaths and saying Israel would be responsible for any failure of the talks.

(Source: TRT World)