Gaza Health Ministry: Thousands at risk of death in northern Gaza Strip due to drought, malnutrition

Spokesperson for the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip Ashraf Al-Qudra announced on Friday: “The Israeli occupation is committing crimes of genocide in northern Gaza by targeting and starving 700,000 Palestinians.”

Al-Qudra added in his brief press statement: “Thousands of children, pregnant women, the sick and the elderly in northern Gaza are at risk of death as a result of dehydration and malnutrition.”

He called on the United Nations to: “Act immediately and by all means to prevent the humanitarian catastrophe in the northern Gaza Strip.”

Since 7 October, the Israeli occupation army has continued its genocidal aggression against the Gaza Strip, with US and European support, as its aircraft bomb the vicinity of hospitals, buildings, towers and Palestinian civilian homes, destroying them over the heads of their residents. The occupation has also prevented the entry of water, food, medicine and fuel.

The Israeli attack has led to the deaths of 30,228 martyrs and the injuries of 71,373 people, in addition to the displacement of more than 85 per cent (about 1.9 million people) of Gaza’s population, according to the Strip’s authorities and international bodies and organisations.

(Source: MEMO)