Israel bombs cemetery containing hundreds of martyrs in Gaza

Israeli army aircraft raided a cemetery created in the Jabalia refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip on Sunday, leading to the unearthing of martyrs’ bodies recently killed by Israel.

Director of the Civil Defence Service Ahmed Al-Kahlout in the northern Gaza Strip confirmed: “The Israeli army bombed a mass grave containing the bodies of hundreds of martyrs who were recently buried.”

Al-Kahlout added: “The bombing caused the destruction of the cemetery and the unearthing of the buried bodies,” according to Anadolu Agency.

He noted that civil defence crews are working hard to rebury the bodies in the cemetery.

Since the beginning of the war launched by Israel on the Gaza Strip on 7 October, 2023, people in all governorates of the Gaza Strip have resorted to creating mass and individual graves in residential neighbourhoods, courtyards, roads, wedding halls and sports stadiums.

This is due to the inability to access regular cemeteries following the Israeli army’s deliberate blocking of roads and destruction of infrastructure, in addition to the repeated targeting of citizens.

At the beginning of the war, the Israeli army also began to bulldoze and target cemeteries in the areas that its military vehicles reached.

At least 30,410 people have been killed and 71,700 wounded in Israeli attacks on Gaza since 7 October, according to the enclave’s Health Ministry, while over 85 per cent of the population (about 1.9 million people) in Gaza has been displaced.

(Source: MEMO)