UN experts: ‘Anti-Islam sentiment has reached disturbing levels’

United Nations (UN) experts have warned that anti-Islamic sentiment around the world has reached alarming levels.

This came in a joint statement issued by the experts on Friday, marking the International Day to Combat Islamophobia on 15 March, in which they stated: “In proclaiming 15 March the International Day to Combat Islamophobia in 2022, the UN General Assembly called for strengthened international efforts to foster a global dialogue on the promotion of a culture of tolerance and peace at all levels.”

“Acts of harassment, intimidation, violence and incitement based on religion or belief have risen sharply across the world last year, reaching alarming levels, shocking our conscience and creating a climate of fear and deep distrust,” added the statement.

It called on countries to respond to all forms of religious hatred, including Islamophobia, based on universal values and principles and the legal framework of human rights. It expressed deep regret over the incidents of orchestrated public burnings of the Holy Qur’an.

“During this holy month of Ramadan, we are appalled at the continued refusal by Israel to allow adequate humanitarian assistance and food aid to be provided to the mainly Muslim civilian population in Gaza despite the widespread hunger and signs of severe malnutrition. We are seriously concerned about undue restrictions imposed on access to the Al-Aqsa Mosque.”

“Across the world, we have witnessed attacks on mosques, cultural centres, schools and even private property belonging to Muslims,” conveyed the experts in their statement.

(Source: MEMO)