The Outcomes of Dialogue and Discussion in Asia Middle East Forum WhatsApp Private Group

The Asia Middle East Forum held a discussion on Friday entitled: Does the latest resolution of the UN Security Council contribute to achieving a ceasefire or signing a temporary truce, or is the resolution merely an international diplomatic move?, on the forum’s WhatsApp private group.

Some participants expressed the importance of issuing a Security Council resolution as a good step in the right direction and that it is a better step than nothing. They said that the issuance of this resolution indicates the impact and effectiveness of diplomatic pressures that contributed to shifting Western public opinion towards the Palestinian side and against the Western narrative.

On the other hand, the other point of view was that the decision has not achieved any effort to stop the genocide or to stop the aggression because there was no real pressure. The decision is considered a failure against society and shows the inability of international institutions, especially since the decision came under Chapter Six without effectiveness, and it only came for two goals: To relieve pressure within the Americans and to deliver a message to the Israelis not to cross the red lines.


Some have concluded that there is a need to work more to put pressure on the West, and to motivate and encourage the major powers to engage in making a real impact on the ongoing war by working with influential people and intellectuals from all governments to achieve the diplomatic pressure required to achieve the desired gains.

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