Asia Middle East Forum launches new look for its website

Asia Middle East Forum launched new look for its website with an exciting design and enjoyable browsing experience, after updating and developing it and adding new icons that reflect the forum’s vision in a more streamlined and interactive manner, thus, making it easier to access and providing those interested in the most important news, Middle Eastern issues and Asian affairs.

The site reviews the various events and activities of the forum, including conferences, workshops, courses and various seminars, in addition to containing all the issues of the “Asia Post” Magazine, which is issued by the forum periodically. The site also dedicates a special section to publication materials from specialized articles, reports and periodic studies based on reliable scientific research and papers are written by a group of prominent writers, personalities and political analysts.

Regarding to the general form, the site allocates several main sections that appear in the main interface of the site, such as: Asia Post Magazine, research and studies, articles and reports, conferences, the refereed scientific journal, news, and media.

It is worth noting that Asia-Middle East Forum is a leading platform for Asian-Middle Eastern dialogue that contributes to raising the level of cultural, political and media knowledge, increasing the level of interaction between all countries of the Asian continent and the Middle East, and providing opportunities for effective communication and dialogue between interested parties from both sides.

Asia Middle East Forum

Istanbul – Turkey | 2021